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Using the Website

Recommended Usage

We recommend using the browsers listed below. Using a browser other than those listed may result in errors when displaying or operating the site. We recommend using the following browsers.


Windows:Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Smartphone site


About Security

  • Skymark Airlines protects your personal information via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted communication system.
  • In order to check whether your browser is SSL communication system compliant, please inquire with the browser manufacturer. As for browsing software within a company, please contact your system administrator to check whether the firewall is set to SSL enabled.
    If there no response from the Skymark web site or the screen displays nothing with the click of the Next button after the entry of personal information (including names and credit card numbers), your system configuration is not SSL enabled. If this occurs, reservation and payment by credit card is invalid because no personal information reaches us.
  • Please be aware that your personal information is not transmitted with encryption if non-SSL communication systems are used.

Cookies and JavaScript Usage

The Skymark website uses cookies and JavaScript. Please use the website with a browser that supports JavaScript and cookies.

Browser Button Restrictions

You may be unable to use the Back and Forward buttons on your browser. Please use the link buttons within the website to navigate.