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Checking-in pets

Information on traveling with your pets.

We will accept your pets with the utmost care at the airport counter.
Please bring them to the airport counter on the day of departure.

  • We accept only small dogs, cats and birds, etc as checked baggage and fees will apply to check-in your pet (It is not allowed to bring pets into the cabin.).
  • However, the number of pets we can accept is limited.

Checking-in pets

  • Pets are prohibited inside the cabin on our flights. We accept domesticated dogs, cats, small birds, and other small animals (hamsters, rabbits, squirrels, etc.). No type of pet is allowed inside the cabin; please bring them to the airport counter.
  • We will accept and transport your pet for a fee.
  • Insects (beetles, dragonflies, etc.) and fish (goldfish, medaka, small crabs, turtles, etc.) are allowed inside the cabin under certain conditions. Consult the >Reservation Center< for more information.
  • Due to cargo space restrictions, we can only accept a certain number of pets per flight. If this limit has been reached for your flight by the time you reach the airport counter, we will reschedule you for a later flight provided by us. (We cannot offer rescheduling for another company's flight.)

Carriage of short-nosed dogs

Skymark Airlines take particularly care of pets during their travel. However, the short-nosed dogs are more vulnerable to environmental conditions than other breeds, which may cause breathing difficulties. Therefore, we reject the handling of short-nosed dogs as below.
We are afraid for the passengers who would like to travel with their pets, but we appreciate your understanding.

[Short-nosed dogs]
Pug, Shin Tzu, Boston Terrier, Pekingese, Chin, Boxer, Bulldog, Tibetan Spaniel, etc.

Using pet carriers

As a rule, dogs, cats, etc. should be kept at one per carrier. For small birds, etc., up to around two of the same type can be kept in one carrier (assuming there is enough space inside a large carrier).
Pet carriers can be up to 51cm x 69cm x 48cm in size, whether rented or brought in by the passenger. We cannot accept large dogs and other animals that do not fit in this carrier size.

Fees for checking in pets

Same rate for all routes JPY5,000-
(Per route per carrier)
Pet Carrier Rental - FREE of Charge -
  • *Max. weight: 32 kg for the pet and carrier combined (Weight of pet is exempted from checked baggage weight).
    We offer 3 sizes of pet carriers. Please be advised that the number of rental pet carriers is limited.
  • S size: 31cm x 47cm x 25cm / Carriers weight 1.5kg
  • M size: 42cm x 53cm x 40cm / Carriers weight 2.5kg
  • L size: 51cm x 69cm x 48cm / Carriers weight 5.5kg


①Pre-flight preparation

You are requested to sign the "Consent and Release Form(PDF)" for submission.

You are requested to sign the "Consent and Release Form(PDF)" for submission.
Download the form and print it out. After filling it in, bring it to the check-in counter at the airport on the departure date.

②Day of departure

Please come to our Pet check-in counter (baggage check-in counter) no later than 30 minutes prior to your flight's scheduled departure time.

Please submit pet consent forms and payments in advance.
Pet check-in service begins 2 hours prior to scheduled departure time.

  • *It may take time to process, please come to counter well ahead of time.

③Airport drop-off/pick-up

Once your pet is dropped off at the airport counter, we will place them inside the aircraft's air-conditioned cargo room. After landing at your destination, speak to one of our agents at the arrival lobby to let them know you have arrived. An agent will personally transport and return the pet directly to you.

Transport environment

After checking in, we will store it at the counter or in an air-conditioned storage space until departure.In the cargo compartment, we will secure it so that it does not move for sudden shaking.

①Humidity and Temperature

An air conditioner controls the temperature and humidity in the cargo compartment, but the environment may be different from that of the passenger cabin due to factors such as the outside temperature.In addition, since loading/off-loading of the aircraft is done outdoors, the temperature and humidity may vary greatly in summer and winter.


The lights in the cargo compartment will be turned off during the flight, and the room will be dark.


During takeoff and landing or in flight, noises such as of the engine, machine operation, and wind are audible, as are noises such as of the engine and ground vehicles running during loading and off-loading.