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New Skymark Policies

In order to earn the esteem of society and the love of its customers, as well as to give each of our employees a common goal to strive for in their daily duties, the new Skymark has established a new direction for itself, consisting of four core tenants: its corporate philosophy, its mission, its vision, and its promises to passengers.

Managerial philosophy

  • 1.Treat safe operation as our mission, serve the world around us, and earn the esteem of society
  • 2.Sincerely listen to our customers' needs, always strive to tackle new things, keep our ears open, nimbly respond to changes in the world, and provide a uniquely high-quality service
  • 3.Respect the employees providing service to our customers, and build an environment and corporate climate that lets them work together and retain pride in their occupation

Corporate mission

1.Innovation and versatility

Bring innovation and versatility to the world of air travel and contribute to advances in the industry

2.Working in tandem with our home

Use our Japan-wide network to bring wonderful experiences to the areas we serve, energizing and developing people and economies across the region

3.Safety, security, comfort, and familiarity

Provide close-to-home value by working together to offer safe, secure, comfortable flights, and warm service

Long-term vision

  • Establishing a beloved "Skymark brand"

    Earn the broad, long-term devotion of passengers in Japan and abroad as an airline that provides safe, secure, comfortable, and close-to-home air travel

  • Linking customer satisfaction with Employee Satisfaction

    All of our employees providing services to passengers take pride in their company, working as professionals to build a corporate culture of trust

  • Expanding the presence of our network

    Continually growing as an airline with broad, dense connections between service regions, and between Japan and the world

Our promise to passengers

1.Guaranteeing your safety is our first priority
  • Providing safety in the most flawless condition possible for our customers will always be our first priority
2.We treat our passengers' time as precious
  • We will keep delays and cancellations to a minimum
  • When they can't be avoided, we will work to provide alternate travel options and will do everything we can to eliminate passenger inconvenience
  • Our pilots, cabin attendants, mechanics, and ground crews will work together to prepare flights, clean cabins, and make departure as quick as possible
3.We provide a simple, warm, sincere service in a comfortable space, at an affordable price
  • We will devote ourselves fully to guiding our passengers through their flights, from reservations to boarding to post-arrival
  • We will keep our cabins clean and bright, and our seats comfortable

All of our employees make a daily effort to keep the above promises.
Please let us know about anything that concerns you.