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Thank you for visiting Skymark's customer service portal.

Phone support

Reservation Center

You can call below number and contact our Reservation Center.
Reservation & Information Open: 8:00 am - 8:30 pm (all year round)

Reservation & Flight status


Exclusive late booking


  • *The rate for local calls from fixed telephones is 8.5 yen for 3 minutes, cell phones is 10 yen for 20 seconds. (Uniform rate throughout Japan)To avoid making a wrong number, please confirm the number before you dial it.

You will be connected to our automated voice-guided system. Press the number for the service you want.

  • 1: New reservations
  • 2: Changes / cancellations
  • 3: Customers who need help boarding/inside the aircraft
  • 4: Other issues

Contact number when calling from IP-phone or overseas

050-3786-0283(Nation-wide common number)

  • *Make sure to dial the correct number.
  • The short-notice reservations line is for customers making reservations no earlier than one day before departure. Please make your reservations no later than one hour before boarding.
  • We have received reports of an increase in calls intended for our Reservation Center accidentally being dialed to other numbers, including personal cell phones. When calling us, please make sure you have dialed the right number before making the call.

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