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Cancellation charges / Refunds

This page describes fees associated with canceling reservations.
Differing fees may apply depending on the reservation and cancellation period.

Cancellation charges

Cancellation charges are applicable to each route divisions per person, regarding of the cancellation date as below.

Fare category/Fare From date of purchase until the scheduled departure time After the scheduled departure time
(1)Normal Fare for Adults Free of cancellation charge JPY5,000-
(2)Fares for disabled passengers
(3)SKY business
  • JPY5,000-
(5)Tasutoku JPY2,500- Non-refundable*1
(6)SKY Sale Non-refundable*1
(7)Regional Special It varies according to the content of the campaign. Non-refundable*1
(8)Senior Mate 1 JPY5,000- Non-refundable*1
(9)Transit Fare Free of cancellation charge Non-refundable*1
(10)Islander Discount Free of cancellation charge JPY1,500-

(1)Cancellation fee for Children's ticket is 50% of the normal fare for adults cancellation fee.

(2)~(10)The same charge will be applied for adults and children.

  • *Refund requests submitted after the valid refund period will not be accepted.
  • *We cannot refund your airfare (including the Domestic Passenger Facility Charge) if you disembark the airplane for personal reasons after departure.
  • *If the cancellation fee is greater than the fare, then the fare already paid will be charged as both the cancellation and refund fees.*1

Refund charges

Refund charges of JPY500- are applicable to each route division per person, regardless of the cancellation date. (The same charge will be applied for adults and children)

  • *A cancellation fee of JPY500- is applicable to two routes (including the other combining route) per person when you cancel Transit Fare, regardless of the cancellation date. In case of cancellation, the both routes including the combining route are cancelled at the same time.
  • *Regarding a Regional Special, it varies according to the content of the campaign.

Effective refund period

In case cancel is made prior to departure, not later than 10 days after the period of validity of the ticket.*

  • *The validity period of the ticket depends on the type of ticket. For more details, please click here.