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Restricted electronic devices

Restricted electronic devices on aircrafts

As the use of electronic (electric) devices on board may hinder the safe operation of the flight, their use is restricted, including while on the ground.
By notification of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism, the use of restricted electronics on board the aircraft is prohibited by law.
Violators may be fined up to \500,000.

Electronic devices that do not emit radio waves when activated
  • TV
  • radio
  • video camera
  • digital camera
  • DVD / CD / MD / video / digital audio equipment
  • headset
  • earphone
  • battery operated by IC tag
  • electronic notebook
  • electronic dictionary
  • printer equipment
  • word processor
  • radio-controlled toys and medical equipment which we have approved in advance

Those which do not emit radio waves when activated

Usage restricted:

No restriction.
Those can be used at anytime in cabin.

Electronic devices that emit radio waves when activated (Excludes any of the devices that have an output power of 100 mW or less.) 
  • Cell Phones (include Smartphones)
  • Transceivers
  • Radio-controlled toys
  • Wireless microphones
  • Personal computers (PCs)
  • Personal digital assistants
  • Electronic game machines
  • Portable data communication terminals
  • *Usage restrictions on electronic devices shown as follows can be always used in the cabin.
    Wireless headphones, wireless earphones, wireless mouses and devices which may communicate wirelessly with other devices (such as Bluetooth, etc.)
  • *Devices with airplane mode that do not emit radio waves when activated can be used anytime during the flight.
Usage restricted:

The electronic devices above cannot be used from when the doors are closed for departure until the aircraft has started taxiing after landing.

  • *we will announce during the flight when you are able to use electronic devices.
  • *"Devices that do not emit radio waves when activated" means that the function to talk and to send e-mail/texts disabled even if the power is on, such as airplane mode.
  • *Your captain may request you to turn your electronic devices off depending on circumstances.
    • Please be sure to set your devices to not emit radio waves before the doors are closed for departure.
    • Bluetooth connection between devices (such as wireless mice and wireless headphones) and Wi-Fi connection (for electronic games) can be used at any time.
    • Wireless communication with external equipment (Wi-Fi connection) is prohibited. Please use the in-flight direct connection between electronic devices.
    • Please be considerate of other passengers and refrain from making phone calls.