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Our Services

Our hospitality make your journey comfortable.


Enjoy your Sky journey.

You can feel more comfortable from our seats have wide space in each row to be around 31 inches apart. Furthermore, we have outlets under each seat so you can charge your electronic equipment. (Excludes certain aircraft.)

Seat assignment(free)

You can select seat for free when you reserve ticket.

* You may not be able to specify it depends on vacancy situation.

* Forward Seats are available at the airport counter.

Free checked baggage

You may check baggage free of charge up to 20kg

You may check bags within the following size and weight limits.

  • Size: Up to 50 cm x 60 cm x 120 cm (per bag)
  • Weight: Up to 20 kg (per person)
  • Number of pieces: Unlimited

In-flight menu and free services

Feel free to ask about our affordable services

In-flight services have changed from March 1, 2024.
You can use blankets, candies, towels for free.
And you can purchase snacks from 100yen.

Affordable Fare

We provide your journey with affordable fare, such as "Imatoku" and "Tasutoku" discount rate.

Please reserve and purchase your tickets from our official website then you can save fee of ticketing and paying commission etc.