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Terms of use for social media

Thank you for interacting with us on social media.
This social media policy provides guidelines relating to our social media presence.

Section 1 (Applicable Scope of This Policy)

This policy applies to all people interacting with accounts operated by Skymark Airlines, Inc. ("Skymark") on social media services.
In this policy, a "social media service" refers to a networking service (mainly covering Facebook, X, Instagram, LINE, and video sharing sites) that lets users share data over the Internet with an unspecified large number of people, as well as exchange or transmit information with other users.

Section 2 (Items of Consent)

  • 1.Skymark will release official announcements and opinions on their company website, as well as through news releases and other methods. Information released by Skymark or a Skymark employee on a social media service should not necessarily be construed as an official announcement or opinion from Skymark. Content posted by users also does not reflect an official announcement or opinion from Skymark.
  • 2.Skymark does not make guarantees on the accuracy or completeness of the information released by Skymark or a Skymark employee on social media services.
  • 3.Information released on social media accounts besides Skymark's official accounts, even if the information includes Skymark's name or logo, does not indicate authorized usage. Statements, etc., outside of Skymark's official pages do not reflect official announcements or opinions from Skymark.
  • 4.Skymark does not retain any responsibility for the activity and submissions (comments, photographs, videos, voice files, etc.) posted by users on social media services.
  • 5.Skymark does not retain any responsibility for conflicts and other issues that arise between users, or between a user and a third party, during the use of social media services.
  • 6.If a user causes damage to a third party through the use of social media services, the user is responsible for repaying the damages and resolving the dispute with the third party themselves, and may not turn to Skymark for any kind of support.
  • 7.Posters and users use the information released by Skymark or a Skymark employee on social media services under their own responsibility, and Skymark bears no responsibility for damages caused by this information to users or other third parties, except in the case of deliberate or serious negligence.
  • 8.Skymark does not bear any duty for publishing or storing content posted on social media services. Skymark also retains the right to delete or edit posts, block accessing or posting to its accounts on social media services, or to take other action on its own volition without previously notifying the user.
  • 9.Copyrights and other rights related to content posted by users are retained by the user. However, Skymark may use posted content without individual approval from the user, free of charge and under no limits or conditions. Skymark or a third party may freely copy, modify, edit, distribute, create secondary content with, or use the posted content in any other method. It may also use posted content to improve its operations or otherwise apply it to its business, or in other ways. Users will not execute copyrights or other author's moral rights relating to submitted content on Skymark or a third party under any circumstances.
  • 10.Any personal information that is provided to Skymark by users through social media services is covered under Skymark's privacy policy.
  • 11.Skymark retains the right to end operation of its social media accounts without previous warning.
  • 12.Skymark does not guarantee it will reply to individual user posts or submissions.

Section 3 (Prohibitions)

Users are prohibited from engaging in the following behavior when using social media services.

  • 1.Posts or submissions that include false or deceptive content
  • 2.Posts or submissions that are clearly intended as malicious or have no language-based meaning (empty posts, meaningless strings of text, continually posting the same thing, etc.)
  • 3.Posing as third parties, including Skymark
  • 4.Behavior that infringes on other users', Skymark's, or another third party's intellectual property rights, property rights, business secrets, or other rights, or that has the potential to do so
  • 5.Slandering of another user, Skymark, or another third party, or behavior that has the potential to slander
  • 6.Infringing on privacy, including the posting of other people's personal information (name, email address, address, phone number, etc.)
  • 7.Posts related to sales, political, electoral, or religious activity
  • 8.Behavior intended to cause or induce criminal activity
  • 9.Behavior that violates public order and morals, or has the potential to do so
  • 10.Submitting or sending harmful computer programs, including computer viruses
  • 11.Using a third party's name or address to hack into the third party's computer or engage in other harmful activity
  • 12.Interfering with the operation of the social media service, or creating a disadvantage for Skymark or another third party
  • 13.Including a URL in a post that links to any content that violates numbers 1 through 12 above, or has the potential to do so
  • 14.Any other behavior deemed inappropriate

Section 4 (Reparations)

If a user violates this policy and causes damage to Skymark as a result, Skymark may demand reparations from the user in return.

Section 5 (Changes in Usage Policy)

  • 1.Skymark may change the content of this usage policy without obtaining user permission.
  • 2.Any changes made to this usage policy take effect immediately upon being displayed on this page, unless Skymark defines another period.

Section 6 (Skymark's Usage of Social Media)

  • 1.Skymark will engage in full compliance with laws.
    Skymark understands that social media activity can affect a wide range of users and other related people, and is always aware of the need for compliance with social media usage policies, related laws, etc.
  • 2.Release of information by Skymark through social media will be handled under the following terms by approved and educated personnel.
    • We will work to respect the positions of everyone related to Skymark, including customers, clients, and employees.
    • We will protect the personal information of all related people and will not refer to any such information without permission.
    • We will not release confidential information from Skymark or any other person without company permission.
    • We will respect copyrights and all other intellectual property rights, etc.
    • We will not delete or close comments without a valid reason.

Skymark will continue to educate its employees on social media activity as needed, to facilitate suitable use of social media.

Skymark's official social-media accounts (as of February 13, 2024)

- Facebook account
- YouTube account
- X account
- Instagram account
- LINE account