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Passengers Using a Child Seat

Child seats which satisfy neccesary conditions may be used onboard in Skymark.

Using a Child Seat

  • If you use a child seat, please contact to Skymark domestic airport counter or reservation center in advance.
  • A child seat rental service is not available at Skymark. Please prepare it yourself.
  • If you use a child seat, please purchase a child fare to secure a seat.
  • If one adult is accompanied by two infants who are below the age of 2, one of them is required a child seat.
  • Accompanying adult is able to install child seat in aircraft seat in accordance with manufacturer's standards.
  • Please note that your child can have a seat in the child seat and the child is within the weight limit of the child seat.
  • Even if the child seat is met standard and approval, those that cannot be fixed with onboard seatbelts in practice are unacceptable. In those cases, we may check it as checked baggage.

Acceptable Types of Child Seat Onboard

The acceptable types of child seat onboard are as follows.
However, child seat that width is over 42 cm is unaccepatable not to be installed a seat.

A seat approved by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT)

A seat approved by ECE R44- Economic Commission for Europe

A seat approved by the U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS)


Unacceptable Types of Child Seat Onboard

The following types are unacceptable, excepting CARES.
Unacceptable child seats are as follows.

  • Booster type
  • Booster type with backrest
  • Vest/harness type
  • Knee fixed type
  • ISOFIX type