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Emergency exit row seats

Emergency exit row seats

In accordance with a directive issued by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, emergency exit row seats will be limited to passengers that satisfy all the conditions below. Your kind understanding and cooperation is highly appreciated.

  • 1.Age of 15 or above.

  • 2.Those who agree to and are capable to perform the tasks for emergency evacuation.

  • 3.Those who understand the instructions of crew members and who can give oral commands to others.

  • 4.Those who do not require any assistance for emergency evacuation.

  • 5.Free from any responsibilities such as caring for infant, child, elderly and disabled passenger, etc.


  • 1.In case of an emergency evacuation, follow crew members’ instructions and perform tasks listed below.

    • Keep other passengers away from the emergency exit door until the crew members securely open it.
    • Assist other passengers after evacuating from the aircraft.
    • Direct other passengers to move away from the aircraft immediately.
    • Others (Crew members will instruct other tasks when they are necessary).

  • 2.Operate the emergency exit doors in accordance with crew members’ instructions.

    • Refer to the Safety Instructions Leaflet in the seat pocket for how to operate the emergency exit.
    • 【A】In the event of emergency, exit at front side or back side of the aircraft
    • 【B】In the event of emergency, exit at the central part of the aircraft
    • Assess conditions outside the aircraft before operating emergency exit doors. Do not open them if it is not suitable as an emergency exit due to a fire, etc.

Our request for the passengers seated around the exit

We request all passengers seated around the exit to put your stuffs into the overhead lockers to avoid they bother people to exit in the emergency. You can't keep your stuffs with you nor put it under the seat in front of you.

We appreciate that passengers who are seated near the emergency exit are able to communicate in either Japanese or English​.​ We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.