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Bank transfer refunds (convenience store settlement)

Flow from an internet reservation cancellation to a bank transfer refund

  1. Select "Bank transfer"

    *Please note that we can not change the refund method.

  2. Enter the bank account information (bank code, branch code, account type, account number, account name)

  3. Transfer to a specified account


Time until the remittance by the financial institution

When specifying the Japan Net Bank

  • It will be credited to the designated bank account of the Japan Net Bank within 24 hours.

Designating a financial institution other than the Japan Net Bank

  • When the receipt procedure is completed by 3 p.m. on a business day, it will be credited to your designated account during the day.
  • Please understand beforehand that dealings accepted by 3 p.m. may be deposited on the next business day depending on circumstances.
  • If you do a receipt procedure after 3 p.m., you will be credited to your designated account on the next business day.

When payment can not be confirmed

3~5 If your payment can not be confirmed after the following business day, please contact the Reservation Center.

  • *If you can not make a payment due to mistakes in specified account information etc, we may contact you directly from our company.
  • *This is not the case at the time of a system failure of banks etc., large scale flight confusion caused by weather failure.

About transfers

Refunds will be made using "CASH POST (Cash Position)"(*).

Skymark or Ka) will be stated as eContext in the name of the person who will transfer the passbook of the customer.

The transfer amount is the amount that the system usage fee (216 yen per processing) is deducted from the refund amount.

  • (*)"CASH POST" is a remittance service provided by ECO TEC.