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Bank transfer refunds (convenience store settlement)

Flow from an internet reservation cancellation to a bank transfer refund

  1. Select "Bank transfer"

    *Please note that we can not change the refund method.

  2. Enter the bank account information (bank code, branch code, account type, account number, account name)

  3. Transfer to a specified account


Time until the remittance by the financial institution

Immediate payment 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • *However, if you specify a financial institution that does not support 24-hour payment or if there are issues connecting to the financial institution's system, payment will be made after 9 am on the following business day for that financial institution.

When payment can not be confirmed

3~5 If your payment can not be confirmed after the following business day, please contact the Reservation Center.

  • *If you can not make a payment due to mistakes in specified account information etc, we may contact you directly from our company.
  • *This is not the case at the time of a system failure of banks etc., large scale flight confusion caused by weather failure.

About transfers

Refunds will be made using "CASH POST (Cash Position)"(*).

"スカイマーク" or "(カ)デイージーフィナンシャルテクノロジー" in the name of the person who will transfer the passbook of the customer.

The system usage fee (220 yen per transaction) will be deducted from the total amount of refund.

  • (*)"CASH POST" is an online wire transfer service provided by DGFT, INC