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In-flight menu and free services

In-flight services have changed from March 1, 2024.
Skymark Airlines offers in-flight sales of recommended products from our destinations. (All products, tax included price). Also, drinks are provided free of charge (excluding some routes).

Free drink service

Skymark Airline provides drinks to customers on board.

  • Skymark coffee by UCC

    A coffee with a solid, full-bodied depth of flavor.


    (Japan’s Original Export Tea)

    This is the first Japanese tea produced on the Sashima plateau in the Tone River basin in western Ibaraki Prefecture that made its way to the United States.
    It has a rich aroma and full flavor and is very easy to drink.


    ※Allergens: apple

【Routes offering drinks (Free of Charge)】

Target routes include all routes except Kagoshima = Amamioshima / Naha = Miyako (Shimoji Island).
*It may not be possible to provide this service depending on flight status, etc. Please note.


We sell a selection of local products on all Skymark routes in order to support our service locations.
Be sure to take a look at what is on offer.

Recommendation for Kobe (Hyogo pref.) taste

Rice pop with sweet and salty coating ¥100

Slightly sweet and crunchy texture. Mochi is deep-fried in oil to make Arare sweets.
※contains: Wheat

Recommendation for Komaki(Aichi Pref.) taste

Mini Shiruko sandwitch ¥100

A biscuit baked with red bean paste made from Hokkaido azuki beans.
※contains: Milk/Dairy, Wheat, Soy, Apple
*This product contains honey, so please do not give it to infants under 1 year old.

Recommendation for Amamioshima (Kagoshima Pref.) taste

Brown Sugar Caramel covered Peanuts ¥100

A simple sweet made of peanuts mixed with brown sugar. It's simple but irresistibly delicious.

※contains: Peanut

SKYMARK Branded Items

  • Product Name


    (light-textured rolled cookie)

    Price ¥1,000

    Tirolian is a light-textured rolled cookie baked to perfection using a traditional Tirolian recipe with plenty of milk and butter, and filled with CHIDORIYA's original smooth cream.

    This is CHIDORIYA's representative product that has been familiar to many people since its launch in 1962.

    ※contains: Egg, Wheat, Milk/Dairy, Soy, Apple 

  • Product Name

    Hoshi-Imo(Dried sweet potato)

    Price ¥200

Free Services

  • Product Name Candy
  • Product Name Blanket
  • Product Name Wet towel


  • *Above items may be sold out.
  • *Due to flight condition, flight-In sales may be interrupted without notice.
  • *This service may be terminated or changed without prior notice.
  • *All prices include tax.
  • *We only accept payment in cash. (Japanese Yen)
  • *We do not prepare enough change.
  • *The product selection may be changed without notice.
  • *Please inform flight attendant if you have any food allergy.