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Limited baggage

We will inform you about baggage that you are forbidden from bringing in the aircraft in keeping yourself in accordance with laws and regulations.

Articles prohibited from being brought on board or checked in as checked baggage

Things that are likely to explode, are flammable, or could harm people or damage other property are prohibited by aircraft by law and can not be brought in. In addition, you can not bring in items such as scissors, knives, or golf clubs, which can become weapons, so please check them at the baggage counter beforehand.

Please note that there is no applicable item before departure, as it is posted on the homepage of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport as a representative example of goods that you can not take on your flight. There are some conditions that allow you to bring in and carry out, etc. Please check with the airline.Also, regarding items transported by aircraft, for items that can not be checked for safety, we are sorry to refuse transportation, so please be forewarned.

Class Examples of dangerous items prohibited aboard aircraft
Explosives Fireworks, noisemakers, ammunition
Flammable liquids Lighter fuel, paint
Poison Insecticides and agricultural chemicals
Corrosives Batteries (excluding those used for electric wheelchairs), mercury (excluding those used for mercury barometers, mercury thermometers and medical thermometers).
Pressurized gas Scuba air tanks, dust prevention aerosol, lighters, refillable butane fuel for lighters, butane gas, camping gas, helium gas, portable compressed oxygen
Flammable substances Match (It is permitted for a person to bring a match or a cigarette lighter just for smoking, but you can not put it in your checked baggage.)
Oxidizers bleaching powder, small oxygen generator for personal use
Other hazardous articles Engines for radio controlled toys, magnets, self-heating lunch boxes

Items that can be carried onto the aircraft or checked in under certain conditions

The following items can be carried onto the aircraft or checked in under certain conditions (for more information about these items, please ask a member of staff).

Class Articles
Spare batteries for Consumer Electronic Devices

You can carry on lithium ion battery and lithium metal battery up to 2pc per person for sum total. To carry on, those batteries are required to prevent short circuits.

【Lithium ion battery】

For those batteries more than 100Wh and less than 160Wh are able to carry on up to 2 pc per person, if you do not have other lithium battery for carry on.

【Lithium metal battery】

Batteries contains lithium 2g or less (8g less than for medical use) are able to carry on up to 2pc per person, if you do not have other lithium battery for carry on.

Portable Medical Electronic Devices (Body) AED and other medical electronic devices with built-in lithium batteries are acceptable for both luggage and checked baggage (Lithium content of lithium metal battery must be less than 8 g, lithium ion battery rated capacity is less than 160 Wh).
Security-type Equipment Attache case, safe, cash shipping bag etc. are only allowed checked baggage. *1
Alcoholic beverages Alcohol content is over 24% to 70% and up to 5 L per person (There is no restriction on those with alcohol degree of 24% or less.)
Medicinal supplies or Toiletry Articles (Non-radioactive) 1 container 0.5 kg or 0.5 L or less, up to 2 kg or 2 L per person.
Dry ice (limited to those used for cooling fresh food etc.) Up to 2.5 kg per person.
One compact cigarette lighter or compact safety matches*2

Only one compact cigarette lighter will be accepted per passenger. (Compact cigarette lighters must carry on the person.)

  • Gas Lighters (Disposable lighters / Injection-type lighters)
  • Oil Lighters (with absorbent cotton)
  • Safety matches

【Lighters not permitted to carry-on or in checked baggage】

Lighters containing oil tanks,Cigar lighters and pre-mixed burner lighters (turbo lighters, jet lighters, lighters producing a blue flame etc.) cannot be carried on board or checked in.
It's prohibited to bring in or keep the gas lighter that does not contain cotton absorbent(excluding liquefied gas lighter). And also any of oil and gas for replenishment is prohibited.

Gun cartridge (Sports / Hunting use) Up to 5 kg in gross weight per a person, only checked baggage.
Hair curler A person can bring only one filled with hydrocarbon gas, and the heating part should be covered safety.
Spray for sporting equipment/household goods*3 Less than 0.5 kg or 0.5 liters per container and less than 2 kg or 2 liters per person, checked baggage only.
  • *1These cells or batteries must comply with the following restrictions:

    For a lithium metal cell, the lithium content is not more than 1g ; for a lithium metal battery, the aggregate lithium content is not more than 2g; for lithium ion cells, the Watt-hour rating is not more than 20Wh ; for lithium ion batteries, the Watt-hour rating is not more than 100Wh.The battery containing blasting supply may not be accepted as checked baggage.The damaged or broken one cannot be accepted.

  • *2Please bring a compact cigarette lighter with you and do not put in your carry-on baggage as possible. Please ensure you have it with you and also, please confirm you have you personal items with you when disembarking. Please contact our cabin crew or ground staff when you notice that you leave your belongings on the plane.
  • *3Items that use flammable gas (with warnings about open flames and high temperatures) cannot be carried onto the aircraft or checked in as baggage.

Articles prohibited from being brought on board

Items that could be used as weapons, such as cutlery, are prohibited from being brought onboard the aircraft as carry-on luggage. Please be aware of this when packing your luggage prior to traveling.

Articles prohibited from being brought on board

Class Articles
Cutting tool Regardless of the blade length, all the articles on the left are treated as restricted articles.
(1) Knives Switchblade
  • Army knife
  • Swiss army knife
  • Folding knife etc.
Kiridashi knife (small woodworking knife)
Fruit knife
Large cutter
Outdoor knife, Kitchen knife
  • Buckle knife
  • Bolt knife
  • Penknife
  • Survival knife
  • Butterfly knife
  • Dagger knives etc.
(2) Scissors
(3) Other cutting tools A razor, an ax, a hatchet, a chisel, a carving knife etc.
  • *Except the following articles
    • Cosmetic scissors for eyebrow, nose hair or any of those small scissors (Note 1)
    • Small razor such as cosmetic use (Note 4)
    • T-shaped razor
    • Nail clippers
Articles other than blades that could be used as a weapon (1) guns (Note 2)
(2) Pointed articles that could be used as a weapon Ice pick or pickel etc.
(3) Articles that could be used as a blunt weapon
  • Karate tools(Nunchaku etc. )
  • Nightstick (Note 2)
  • Iron pipe / iron stick
  • Wooden sword, bamboo sword, cane (for pilgrimage or climbing)
  • Large tripod (over 60 cm long in a folded)
  • Golf club, Bat such as baseball bat
(4) Other articles that could be used as a weapon

Underwater harpoon, underwater gun, knuckle duster, stun gun with high voltage), ice skate shoes, carpentry tools, industry tools and so on. (Note 3)

(5) Any of others (the security supervisor can judge it might become a weapon)
Items resembling weapons (1) simulated items such as guns or swords, bombs, hand grenades or the like Lighters shaped into guns or grenade etc.
(2) Handcuffs (Note 2) and simulated or similar items there of
  • (Note 1)"Small scissors" means those with a blade size of 6 cm or less.
  • (Note 2)Except when a policeman or the like in public service carries it on board.
  • (Note 3)Carpenter tools refer to hammers, saws, ties and large bars. Tools for miniature sets for portable use can be brought into the cabin if it does not contain ice picks or dusty objects. However, on domestic flights, even if they are not included, we will make a comprehensive judgment together with other contents of baggage etc. Alternatively, we can confirm the purpose of use / place of use etc. to the customer, only when there is no suspicious point can bring in the cabin. Also, for universal tools with cutlery etc., follow the rules of cutlery.
    As for the above-mentioned carry-on items, we treat them similarly regardless of material, such as ceramic or reinforced plastic.
  • (Note 4)"Small razor" means a blade with a blade size of 4 cm or less.

About the handling of the Restricted Items

If you carry scissors, knives, tools, or other restricted items, you should include them in your checked baggage, and please entrust it with the baggage counter or please abandon it to forbidden item box at security checkpoint.We ask for customers' ongoing understanding and cooperation.

Please also be aware that 500yen/piece will be charged for disposal of the restricted and prohibited items which cannot be put into the disposal box or for temporary keeping (storage period: 1 week).

You need to cooperate in safe operation of aircraft.

Items as below are prohibited by law to transport by aircraft(things fears in explosion, things that are easy to burn, things that can hurt people or damage other objects, etc.) You can not bring in nor keep it. Please understand and cooperate with the safety inspection before departure. In addition, if there are remarks that somebody possess explosives, (even though it's including mischief, false statements, etc.)we will notify the administrative agencies such as the police immediately and will refuse boarding.