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List of officers

Representative Director

  • Chairman & Representative Director
    Nobuo Sayama
    See the Biography
    • March 1976
      Bachelor of Science in Polymer Chemistry, Kyoto University
    • September 1994
      MBA, New York University Stern School of Business
    • March 1999
      Ph.D. in Decision Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    • April 1976
      Teijin Limited
    • July 1987
      Mitsui Bank (currently Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)
    • 1990~
      General Manager of M&A Team in Americas Department in New York,
      (then Senior vice president of M&A Advisory Division)
    • January 1999
      Representative Director, Unison Capital, Inc.
    • April 2004
      Representative Director & Partner, GCA Corporation
    • September 2007
      Co-founded Integral Corporation, 2008 Representative Director & Partner (Present)
    • September 2015
      Chairman & Representative Director, Skymark Airlines Inc. (Present)
    Other Career
    • 2004
      Assistant Professor, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy of Hitotsubashi University, 2005 Professor (Present)
    • 2010
      Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University (Present)
  • President & Representative Director
    Masahiko Ichie
    See the Biography
    • March 1982
      Bachelor of Art in Law, University of Tokyo
    • April 1982
      Japan Development Bank
      Sales Department Division 4, Attendance at Economic Theory Training in Ministry of Finance,
      Dispatch to Ministry of Finance, Nagoya Branch, Accounting Department, Dispatch to Princeton
      University Graduate School (United States), Research Department, General Affairs Department,
      Planning Department
    • October 1999
      Section Manager, Project Finance Department, Development Bank of Japan
    • March 2000
      Section Manager, General Affairs Department
    • April 2002
      Section Manager, Industrial Revitalization Department
    • December 2005
      Head of Privatization Preparation Office
    • April 2006
      Manager of Management Strategy Department
    • October 2008
      Development Bank of Japan Inc. Manager of Investment Planning Department
    • June 2010
      Manager of Corporate Finance Department Division 1
    • June 2012
      Managing Executive Officer
    • September 2013
      Director and Managing Executive Officer
    • September 2015
      President & Representative Director, Skymark Airlines Inc. (Present)


  • Executive Director
    Hideo Yaguchi
    Corporate Affairs
  • Manabu Motohashi
    Executive Director & Executive Officer
    Manabu Motohashi
    Corporate Planning / IT Strategy / Sales
  • Shigehiro Nishioka
    Director & Executive Officer
    Shigehiro Nishioka
    Finance & Accounting / General Affairs & HR, IPO Preparation
  • Noriyuki Masukawa
    Noriyuki Masukawa
    Safety / Maintenance / Operation / Airport / Cabin, Safety General Manager


  • Kimiyoshi Sakaki
    Standing Statutory Auditor
    Kimiyoshi Sakaki
  • Daisaku Tanimura
    Standing Statutory Auditor (External)
    Daisaku Tanimura
  • Hirotaka Yamauchi
    Corporate Auditor (External)
    Hirotaka Yamauchi

Executive Officer

  • Kaoru Tagami
    Executive Officer
    Kaoru Tagami
    Finance & Accounting
  • Narutoshi Terada
    Executive Officer
    Narutoshi Terada
    General Affairs & HR
  • Shigeru Senbokuya
    Executive Officer
    Shigeru Senbokuya
    Secretary Office, Special Missions
  • Manabu Kaneko
    Executive Officer
    Manabu Kaneko
    Airport Division
  • Aiichiro Matsuo
    Executive Officer
    Aiichiro Matsuo
    Engineering & Maintenance Division
  • Takeshi Nishiyama
    Executive Officer
    Takeshi Nishiyama
    Sales Division
  • Kotaro Hara
    Executive Officer
    Kotaro Hara
    Corporate Safety Promotion, Audit Office, Internal Control
  • Toshio Wakimoto
    Executive Officer
    Toshio Wakimoto
    Inflight Services Division
  • Mikio Oda
    Executive Officer
    Mikio Oda
    Flight Operations Division