For safe flights

Baggage limits

A carry-on baggage is identified as one item with maximum dimensions of 55 x 40 x 25cm, the sum of the total linear dimension not exceeding 115cm in size, and the weight not exceeding 10 kilograms, as well as personal items (handbag, camera, umbrella, etc).

Please note that even if your carry-on baggage is within the above dimensions, baggage that cannot be securely stowed in the cabin will not be accepted at the boarding gate or on board, resulting in them being stored as checked baggage and placed in the cargo compartment. We would appreciate your understanding on this point.

* The size of your baggage will be checked at security inspection.
* Oversized baggage will not be able to be inspected. Please entrust it at the baggage counter before security inspection.

Carry-on baggage size or allowance requirements

The total
Height Width Depth Weight
115cm or less 55cm 40cm 25cm
10kg or less

*For security reasons, please note that it is prohibited to carry dangerous articles into the cabin.*

●Knives / Scissors
●Sharp-edged items / Bats

For details regarding the dangerous articles which may not brought onto the plane as carry-on or checked baggage.

Regarding the handling of the restricted carry-on items

If you carry scissors, knives, tools, or other restricted items, you should include them in your checked baggage, and please entrust it with the baggage counter or please abandon it to forbidden item box at security checkpoint. We ask for customers’ ongoing understanding and cooperation. And some of the articles (prohibited items for carriage) may not be allowed to carry even in the checked baggage is a violation of Japan's Aviation Law.

Please also be aware that 500yen/piece will be charged for disposal of the restricted and prohibited items which cannot be put into the disposal box or for temporary keeping (storage period: 1 week).

Under the Law, violations including "placing and refusing to move carry-on baggage in the undesignated areas such as aisles" may result in the levy of a penalty of up to ¥500,000 against any offender who continues or repeats these actions after being asked to cease by the pilot.

The correct storage method of carry-on baggage

To the passengers seated in a general seat
Please stow items in the overhead compartments.
Please stow items under the seat in front of yours.
To the passengers seated in emergency exit row seats
Please stow all your carry-on baggages in the overhead compartments.
It is prohibited to stow items under the seat in front of yours.
It is prohibited to put items in front of your feet or on your lap.

In the event of an emergency, carry-on baggage that is not securely stowed may hit its owner or other passengers at a high speed, and cause injury. Also, scattered baggage may be an obstacle for passengers during escape.