About Us

Thank you for traveling with Skymark Airlines.
Skymark Airlines started service in September, 1998, as a “New Wing” for the aviation industry in Japan. Since then, we continue to strive for safe operation, and, nowadays, we serve approximately 6.73 million passengers per year with 27 aircrafts.

We provide the most reasonable fare for our 27 routes network which covers from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. Moreover, we strive to maximize safety while maintaining low cost by system automation and in-house crew training.

Skymark Airlines is still a new company. However, we will make a new ingenious business model and continue to provide evermore reasonable fares to exploit new market.

Sincerely yours,
Chairman and Executive DirectorTakashi Ide
President and Representative DirectorMasakazu Arimori

As of March 18, 2015

Date of Foundation November 12, 1996
Company Name Skymark Airlines Inc.
Representative Chairman and Executive DirectorTakashi Ide
President and Representative DirectorMasakazu Arimori
Headquarters 3-5-7 Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041 Japan
Shares Issued 91,344,200 shares
Company's Business Regular air transportation service, etc.
Capital JPY 14,186,733,442
Number of Employees 2,235 persons (Except temporary employees and workers from other companies)
Accounting Auditor Toyo Horwath
Stock Transfer Agent 1-4-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
Board Members
Chairman and Executive Director
Takashi Ide
President and Representative Director
Masakazu Arimori
Representative Executive Officer
Aiichiro Matsuo
Representative Executive Officer
Keita Suzuki
Executive Officer
Kaoru Tagami
Executive Officer
Narutoshi Terada
Executive Officer
Shigeru Senbokuya
Executive Officer
Teruo Ono
Executive Officer
Manabu Kaneko
Executive Officer
Manabu Motohashi
Standing Statutory Auditor
Kimiyoshi Sakaki
Statutory Auditor
Hisashi Ono
Statutory Auditor
Shirou Toba
Statutory Auditor
Shinichi Nakamoto

In Japan, since the aviation industry resumed all of operations after the war, there have been a great number of mergers consolidating the airlines into two distinct structure (except affiliate companies), resulting in a lack of adequate competition and oligopoly in the domestic flight market.
There has been a remarkable slashing of prices in the international flight market, which is locked in fierce competition, and benefactors have been the customers. On the other hand, fares in the domestic market have been generally set at a high level, with customers' dissatisfaction constantly increasing.
Our company was founded to enter this domestic flight market, create a competitive environment, and contribute to enhancing customer satisfaction.

In accordance with our management principle “Safety First", all the employees at Skymark Airlines, including management, give top priority to the safety of our flights.
At the practical business affairs level, each department and division conduct their operation diligently to maintain safe flights.
In addition, the Safety Promotion Committee for safety issues, and audit office for business quality inspect operations conducted in each division on a regular and flexible basis in order to improve all operations.