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Messages from CEO and Chairman

Message from the Chairman and Representative Director

Thank you for all your continuous support and loyalty to Skymark.

Since we reformed management structure on September 29th,2015, we have discussed how Skymark could be the best airline in Japan.

We have always pursued to innovate "Safety" first, then "Time Accuracy" and "Comfortable and Economic"

That following fiscal year the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport ranked our “scheduled flight rates” third in 11 domestic airlines, with a "low cancellation rate" of 1 in 11 , and a "boarding rate" of 84.2%.

We all Skymark staffs make further improvements more than ever to become Japan's leading airline.

See you in Sky

Sign of the Representative Director and Chairman

November 1, 2017
Chairman and Representative Director
Nobuo Sayama

Message from the President and Representative Director

Skymark strives for safe navigation, security and is dedicated to serve our community. Our mission is to bring customers to their destination as safely, quickly and comfortably as possible with an affordable price.

We proudly promote our collaboration with enterprises and local governments, the introduction of in-flight magazines, on-board sales and tie-ups with local teams. Our goal is to share the splendor of 10 destinations to our country and contribute to the revitalization and development of the regional economy.

Skymark is an airline that you can trust and depend on. We are waiting to serve you.

Sign of the Representative Director and Chairman

November 1, 2017
President and Representative Director
Masahiko Ichie