Checked baggage

Please check in your baggage no later than 20 minutes prior to flight departure.

If you have any baggage to check in, please check them in at the counter and proceed through the security checkpoint no later than 15 minutes prior to your flight’s scheduled departure time.

Since airports may be crowded with travelers during summer vacations and long holiday weekends (such as consecutive holidays and New Year holidays), we recommend that passengers check in baggage no later than 30 minutes prior to flight departure.

≪Regarding checking portable electronic devices containing lithium-ion batteries≫

・Before checking your devices, make sure to turn off the main power switches. We cannot accept devices in sleep mode or on standby.

・Store devices in durable suitcases and protect devices with clothes, etc. to prevent the power from being turned on accidentally, and to protect the devices from scratches.

Weight Free baggage
Up to 20kg per passenger
Total weight maximum 100kg per passenger
*Maximum weight per piece limited to 32kg
Excess baggage
Over 20kg, not exceeding 100kg
charge JPY1,000- per 10kg
Size restrictions within 50cm×60cm×120cm *
Number of pieces No limitation
* We will accept skis and surfboards as checked baggage providing they do not exceed the maximum length of 280cm.
Baggage up to 20kg

Up to 20kg

*total linear dimension
within 120cm

Free of charge
Baggage over 20kg,
not exceeding 100kg
Over 20kg, not exceeding 100kg
*Maximum weight per piece
limited to 32kg
charge JPY1,000- per 10kg
Baggage exceeding 100kg Baggage exceeding 100kg
or 280cm
May not be checked in

Baggage in excess of size restriction may not be accepted for loading if the cargo space of the aircraft is limited. Please be aware that you may arrange package delivery service by yourself if your baggage cannot be checked in.

Wheelchairs for the passenger's own use, strollers, baby-carrying baskets and child safety seats are not included as checked baggage total weight and you can check them in free of charge. However, electric wheelchair is allowed up to 80kg in weight.