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Maewari 3

Flights are able to be booked and changed up to three days before departure.

The feature of Maewari 3

Reservation Period Reservation Changes Limited seats Valid Period Availability
3 days prior to departure
Limited 270 days Limited Flights
Reservation Period Accepted up to 3 days before the scheduled departure date
Reservation Changes

Acceptable with condition*1

*On date of departure at the airport counter, pending seating availability, it is possible to change to a different flight on the same day and same route, by paying the difference between your fare price and normal fare price, until the scheduled departure time of the flight you booked.

Limited seats Limited
Valid Period Date of ticket issuance and 270 days from the following day.
Refund Charge

A refund charge of JPY500 per route per passenger will be applied, regardless of the cancellation date. (The same charge will be applied for adults and children.)

Cancellation Charge
(Per route per person)
Route From the purchase of tickets to the scheduled departure time After the scheduled departure time
  • Haneda-Naha
  • Ibaraki-Naha
  • Kobe-Sapporo
  • Fukuoka-Sapporo
JPY3,000- JPY8,000-
  • Haneda-Sapporo
  • Haneda-Fukuoka
  • Haneda-Nagasaki
  • Haneda-Kagoshima
  • Ibaraki-Sapporo
  • Ibaraki-Fukuoka
  • Nagoya-Sapporo
  • Nagoya-Naha
  • Kobe-Sendai
  • Kobe-Naha
JPY2,500- JPY6,000-*2
  • Haneda-Kobe
  • Kobe-Nagasaki
  • Kobe-Kagoshima
  • Kobe-Ibaraki
  • Fukuoka-Naha
JPY2,000- JPY4,000-*2
Effective refundable period

Within period of validity or not later than 10 days after the period of validity of the ticket.

  • *In case cancellation is not be made prior to departure --- within 10 days following the day of scheduled departure.
  • *1Regarding reservation changes to Maewari 3
    • Changing form "Maewari 3" to "Maewari 3" is possible within the allowable period and subject tp seat availability.
    • For any fare difference due to change of departure date, even if it is same flight number and fare category, the balance will be refunded or charged accordingly.
    • Changing from "Maewari 3" to "Maewari 1" is possible. However, an additional cost may be charged if the price of your rescheduled or changed flight (fare category) is greater than your original fare purchase on the day of your change request.
    • "Maewari 3" fare is changeable prior to departure. Upon contacting us you are able to change to flights departing the following day and after.
    • Changing from "Maewari 3" to any "Imatoku", "Under 21" & "Senior Mate 1" or changing from any "Imatoku", "Under 21" & "Senior Mate 1" to "Maewari 3" is NOT permitted.
  • *Same route means same departure and arrival points on your original reservation.
    Reverse route change is not allowed.
    From "Haneda - Kagoshima" to "Haneda - Kagoshima"
    From "Haneda - Kagoshima" to "Kagoshima - Haneda"×
  • *2There is no setting in a certain route.

In the case of booking from the internet, the seat availability will be subject to change until the booking is complete. Therefore, if you receive "This flight is full." message after submitting online reservation, this means your reservation could not be completed.
PFC(Passenger facility charge) is also charged together in the case of use at Haneda International Airport, Nagoya Chubu Centrair airport and Ibaraki Airport.

  • *We are unable to offer a refund in case you stop off after check in.