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Terms and conditions for internet booking
(Service contents)

The online reservation service (hereinafter "The service") will be processed if you agree to the terms and conditions stated below. This service will not be valid if it is deemed that there is disagreement with these terms and conditions.

Service Contents

  • The service allows the reservation of fares listed as follows:
    Normal Fare for Adults, Normal Fare for Children, Discount Fare for Disabled,
    Discount Fare "Imatoku", "Tasutoku", "Maewari 3", "Maewari 1", "SKY Sale", "Under 21" and "Senior Mate 1"
  • Please check here about reservation for passengers who are under 12 years old.
  • All services are unavailable between 3:00am and 3:30am due to daily server maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience and we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • In the case of reservation only (Unpaid), your reservation will be cancelled automatically if the payment is not made by the due date.
  • Start of reservation (sale) period may vary depending on fare type. Please check here for details.
  • Payment accepted: Credit cards (should be owned by the passenger or traveling companion), or cash at a convenience store.
    You are required to present the credit card that was used for making the reservation when checking in at the airport if paying with a credit card. If you make a payment by cash at a convenience store, please make sure to present your validated payment receipt when checking in for departure.
  • Airline seat availability is not guaranteed until the reservation procedure is complete.
  • For passengers in need of assistance at the airport (e.g.: those who need a wheelchair or medical equipment), please contact our reservation center and we will be happy to assist in making arrangements.
    • *Since there is a limit on the number, size and weight of wheelchairs that can be checked in, some wheelchairs can not be checked in.
  • Cancellations and refunds after tickets have been purchased will be subject to a set cancellation and refund charge.
  • You can use the service for making changes and cancellations with the following conditions. Please click here for the details of "On-Screen E-Receipt Web Service".
Reservation Method On the internet Reservation center *1 Travel agency
Payment method Reservation only Payment with a Credit card Payment at a Convenient store Reservation only Payment with a Credit card Payment at a Convenient store Payment at a travel agency
Prior to purchase Changes - - - - *2
Cancellations - ○*3 - *2
From purchase up to the departure time Changes - ○*4 ○*4 - ○*4 ○*4 ○*4
Cancellations - - ○*5
After the departure time Changes *2
Cancellations ▲*7 ▲*7 *2
Refund method of changes and cancellations
- Refund to your credit card Refund at SKY airport counter, convenience store(Lawson) or direct deposit through bank account - Refund to your credit card Refund at SKY airport counter, convenience store(Lawson) or direct deposit through bank account Refund at travel agency
Issue Receipt - SKY airport counter
or use the
Payment slip or receipt issued at a convenience store is an official receipt - SKY airport counter
or use the
Payment slip or receipt issued at a convenience store is an official receipt *2
  • You can go through procedure on the internet.
  • Please contact our reservation center.
  • *1Please contact reservation center in the case of cancellation of special fare categories.
  • *2Please contact the Travel agency where you made a purchase.
  • *3You cannot cancel a part of your itinerary. Please contact our reservation center.
  • *4Depending on the fare type, flight change is not available. Please see the Various fares.
  • *5Depending on the fare type, flight cancel is not available. Please contact the travel agency where you made a purchase.
  • *6The balance will be refunded or charged for fare difference due to changing of the flights in case the fare type which flight change is permitted.
  • *7For cancellation of reservations, including those for cancelled flights due to meteorological conditions, passengers can claim a full refund. (Some fares are excluded.)

Caution: On this website, you cannot change certain passengers in case that your reservation has several passengers. Please contact our reservation center.

  • As charged on behalf of Japan Airport Terminal Co., Ltd., the Japan Domestic Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) is included for each arrival and departure at Haneda International Airport, Nagoya Chubu Centrair airport and Ibaraki Airport.

    Haneda: Adult ¥290 / Child ¥140

    Chubu: Adult ¥310 / Child ¥150

    Ibaraki:Adult ¥100 / Child ¥50

    *Child charge will be applied if an infant under 3 years of age occupies a seat on a paid ticket.

  • When you reserve more than two flights on the same date, the time interval between the arrival time and the departure time should be more than 35 minutes.
  • Please complete pre-boarding procedure within 20 minutes before departure. If you come to check-in later than the 20 min cutoff time, you will not be allowed to board the aircraft.
  • If you have to catch a connecting flight, please let us know when making a reservation.
  • Falsified information is refused when using the Service. If the information you entered is falsified, we may cancel your reservation without any prior notice or your boarding may be denied on the departure date. We may request that you compensate the losses incurred.

Recommended Environment

  • Skymark Airlines protects your personal information via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted communication system.
  • The Service uses JavaScript. Non-JavaScript compliant browsers or disabling JavaScript functionality may cause the display and functions to be unavailable.
    The environment where JavaScript and SSL are available is recommended.
  • In order to check whether your browser is SSL communication system compliant, please inquire with the browser manufacturer. As for browsing software within a company, please contact your system administrator to check whether the firewall is set to SSL enabled. If there no response from the Skymark web site or the screen displays nothing with the click of the Next button after the entry of personal information (including names and credit card numbers), your system configuration is not SSL enabled. If this occurs, reservation and payment by credit card is invalid because no personal information reaches us.
  • Please be aware that your personal information is not transmitted with encryption if non-SSL communication systems are used.
  • Please note that your reservation is irrevocable once you have clicked the "Purchase" button on the or each convenience store on the payment screen. It is strongly suggested that you not log off until the reservation confirmation screen appears.
  • The condition of the Internet environment at the time of purchase may cause degradation in response time during certain time periods, depending on Internet service providers and congestion of communications lines.
  • *The Terms and Conditions of the online reservation service with Skymark Airlines strictly conform to the Agreement of Domestic Passenger Transport stipulated by Skymark Airlines. Please see the terms and conditions prior to starting the reservation procedure.