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Kagoshima airport
Check-In Counter
Passenger Terminal Building 1F


Airport Information

Skymark counter business hours

7:30 am - 20:25 pm

More about Kagoshima airport

Transportation from airport to common destination

From Kagoshima airport


From Kajiki station
to Kagoshima-chuo station
30minutes 460yen


to Kagoshima-chuo station 40minutes 1,250yen
to Kanoya station (Express) 100minutes 2,050yen
to Sendai station 70minutes 1,550yen


to Kajiki station 15minutes approx. 3,000yen
to Kokubu station 25minutes approx. 3,500yen
  • *Estimated travel time may vary according to the traffic conditions. The information provided should only be used as a guide.