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Haneda(Terminal 1)

Airport access and counter
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Our airport counter

Check-In Counter
Terminal 1
2F North Wing

Haneda(Terminal 1)

Airport Information

Skymark counter business hours

Other than below 5:00 am - 8:30 pm
Jul 1 - Oct 25

5:00 am - 9:30 pm

* With the operation of early/late flight SKY059, the check in counter is also open between 0:40am and 2:40am.

More about Haneda airport

Transportation from airport to common destination

From Haneda Airport

Tokyo Monorail

to Hamamatsucho station
  • 16 minutes by express
  • 21 minutes by local train
490 yen
to Shinagawa station
  • 16 minutes by express
  • 20 minutes by limited-express
410 yen
to Tokyo station 35 minutes
(change to JR line at Shinagawa station)
580 yen
to Shinjuku station 35 minutes
(change to JR line at Shinagawa station)
610 yen
to Ikebukuro station 50 minutes
(change to JR line at Shinagawa station)
670 yen
to Narita Airport station 110 minutes
by "airport-rapid-limited-express"
1,800 yen

Airport Limousine

to Tokyo station 40 minutes 930yen
to Shinjuku station(west exit) 50 minutes 1,230yen
to Ikebukuro station 60-70 minutes 1,230yen
to Narita Airport station 75 minutes 3,100yen
to Tokyo Disney Resort 50 minutes 830yen

Keikyu Bus

to Yokohama station(YCAT) 30 minutes 580yen
to Kawasaki station 50 minutes(shuttle bus) 280yen
to Kisarazu station 35 minutes 1,230yen
  • *Trains and buses operate from around 5:00am to around 11:00pm. Please contact the numbers above for more details.
  • *Estimated travel time may vary according to the traffic conditions. The information provided should only be used as a guide.
  • *Bus timetables are changed every month according to flight schedules. Please contact the appropriate number for more details.