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Reservation for children under 12 years old

Age Companion
(twelve and over)
Necessary to reserve (purchase) seats
8 days after birth - 2 years old necessary unnecessary
3 - 7 years old necessary *1 necessary
8 - 11 years old unnecessary *2 necessary
  • Infants are applicable to passengers between the age of 8 days and 2 years.
  • If an adult passenger accompanies two infants, one of them is required to purchase a ticket as child fare and secure a seat. However, if the infant is below 2 years old, he/she is required to seat with a child seat.
    In this case, you cannot book on the Internet. Please contact to Skymark reservation center. An adult passenger cannot accompany three infants or over. Thank you for your understanding.
  • *1Children need to be accompanied by someone aged 12 years or older. However, passengers aged 6-7 years old(up to 11 years old requested upon) are able to travel alone with our "SKY KIDS" service.
  • *2If you want your child to travel alone with our "SKY KIDS" service, please contact our Reservation Center.