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Payment method at SeicoMart

  • You cannot make the payment after your payment due date, and the reservation will be automatically cancelled.
  • When paying at SeicoMart, "Payment receipt number (6-digit)" and "phone number" are needed.
  • A receipt which is issued upon payment at a convenient store, is deemed as an air ticket exchange slip and receipt from Skymark. Please do not forget to receive it.
    *There is no individual receipt will be issued from Skymark.
  1. 1.Go to a nearby Selcomart store

  2. 2.From the Seicomart Club Station top screen, select "Internet Counter."

    3.Follow the instructions on the screen,enter "Payment receipt number" and "Phone number".

  3. 4.Three slips will be issued:

    a "Payment Slip for Settlement Service",
    a "Payment Application From & Payment Receipt" and a receipt.

  4. 5.Bring all three of these to the cash register to make your payment.

  • *We accept "Cash" only.
    We DO NOT accept other Credit card, traffic system electronic money, Rakuten Edy, iD, WAON, and QUO card.