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Payment method at FamilyMart

  • You cannot make the payment after your payment due date, and the reservation will be automatically cancelled.
  • When paying at FamilyMart, "Order number (12-digit)" and company code "20020"(FamilyMart use) are needed.
  • A Handling statement/receipt(取扱明細兼受領書(お客様控え)) which is issued upon payment at a convenient store, is deemed as an air ticket exchange slip and receipt from Skymark. Please do not forget to receive it.
    *There is no individual receipt will be issued from Skymark.
  1. 1.From Fami Port top menu screen, select "代金支払い"(Make a Payment).

  2. 2.Select "各種番号をお持ちの方はこちら"(For people with various reference number, please click here).

  3. 3.Select "番号を入力する".

  4. 4."1st number entry screen"

    Enter the company code "20020" and click "OK".

  5. 5."2nd number entry screen"

    Enter your 12-digit order number starting with 8 and click "OK".

  6. 6.After confirming details regarding payment method, click "同意して利用する"(I agree to Terms of Use).

  7. 7.Check the screen to confirm payment details and click "確認"(confirm).

  8. 8.When the transaction is completed, take the receipt "Famiポート申込券" from the machine.

  9. 9.Take the receipt to the cashier and pay within the deadline.

  • *We accept "Cash" only.
    We DO NOT accept other Credit card, traffic system electronic money, Rakuten Edy, iD, WAON, and QUO card.
  • *QR code will be printed on the receipt with the reservation details. You can check in via our Self-Service Check-in machines by simply placing the QR code on the Check-in machine's scanner.