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Payment method at 7-Eleven

  • You cannot make the payment after your payment due date, and the reservation will be automatically cancelled.
  • When paying at 7-Eleven, "Payment reference number (13-digit)" is needed.
  • An "Internet Shopping Payment Receipt" (お客様控え), which is issued upon payment at a convenient store, is deemed as an air ticket exchange slip and receipt from Skymark. Please do not forget to receive it.
    *There is no individual receipt will be issued from Skymark.
  1. 1.Bring up the payment request slip
    • *Sample image shown.
  2. 2.Print out the payment advice

    please mark down the "払込票番号(Payment reference number)", if there is a printing problem.

  3. 3.Go to a nearby 7-Eleven store

    please make payments by cash before the specified due date.

    • *please tell the staff "Internet settlement"
  • *We accept "Cash" only.
    We DO NOT accept other Credit card, traffic system electronic money, Rakuten Edy, iD, WAON, and QUO card.