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Forward Seats

We want to provide our customers with maximum comfort even on our shortest flights. That is SKYMARK's wish.
Introducing "Forward Seats" on international flights, where you can enjoy free priority boarding, a pillow and slippers, and dessert, plus priority baggage delivery.

What are Forward Seats?

"Forward Seats" are seats in the front row with services provided (free priority boarding, a pillow and slippers, dessert, plus priority baggage delivery) and more leg room than standard seats.

Available Services

Customers traveling in "Forward Seats" may also take advantage of the following services.

Priority boarding and priority disembarkation

Free pillow and slippers, etc.

Free dessert

Priority checked-in baggage delivery


  • *For safety reasons, customers sitting in "Forward Seats" may not place belongings under their seat. Please place your baggage in the overhead lockers.
  • *Depending on your flight, the "Forward Seats" may already be sold out. Please check at the international airport counter.

Seat Assignment

Image of seats

How to Use

"Forward Seats" can be reserved for an additional fee of JPY 5,000 (USD 45) for all fare types.

"Forward Seats" reservations can be made on the website, via the International Reservation Center, or at the international airport counter. See Seat Assignment on the website for more information on seat assignment.


  • There are a limited number of "Forward Seats" available. If you cannot select one on the website (PC or smartphone), please ask at the international airport counter on the day of departure.
  • If you cancel a reserved "Forward Seat" and change it to a regular seat for no charge, the reserved seat fee will be refunded.
  • Contact the International Reservation Center if you cannot select a seat on the website.