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Seat Assignment

Reserving a seat and points to note.

Reserving a seat

You can reserve a seat on our website or at the international airport counter of the departure airport on the day of departure.

If you reserve on our website, you can reserve a seat at the same time or after payment.*

  • *After payment, you can reserve a seat until three hours before departure.

You can upgrade to a "Forward Seat" from any fare type for an extra JPY 5,000 (USD 45). See Forward Seats for details.

How To

  1. STEP 1
    From the main page, select "Confirm Reservation".
  2. STEP 2
    On the "Confirm Reservation" screen, fill in the "Reservation Number" and "Last Name" boxes to see your reservation details.
  3. STEP 3
    On the "Confirm Reservation" screen, click "Select Seat".
  4. STEP 4
    On the "Select Seat" screen, select the seat you want and click "Save".

For Passengers Requiring Special Assistance

Passengers requiring special assistance for boarding should use the link below to contact the International Reservation Center and select a seat in advance.

Let Us Know Your Special Needs


  • *Seat reservations may be changed without advance warning in unavoidable circumstances, including changes in aircraft type.
  • *Only certain seats on each aircraft can be reserved in advance, in order to ensure that the aircraft is properly balanced and passengers with special needs are guaranteed seating. If you can't reserve the seat you want in advance, please go to the international airport counter on the day of departure or contact the International Reservation Center.
  • *Emergency exit row seats cannot be reserved in advance. Please request them at the international airport counter on the day of departure. Extra restrictions apply to seats on these rows. See "Passengers Sitting in the Emergency Exit Row Seats" for details.
  • *For safety reasons, passengers traveling with babies are not allowed to reserve emergency exit row seats. Due to the limited number of oxygen masks per row, multiple passengers with infants are not allowed to sit in the same row. If making a reservation for multiple passengers with infants, please select seats in different rows or with an aisle between them.