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  3. Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays at U.S. Airports

Contingency Plan for
Lengthy Tarmac Delays at
U.S. Airports

We act in accordance with the following contingency plan if a flight departing from or arriving at a U.S. airport experiences a lengthy tarmac delay after the aircraft leaves the gate (when departing) or after landing (when arriving).

  • 1.For tarmac delays of over 2 hours on arrival or departure, we will provide water and a light meal on board (except when the captain determines that such service is impossible due to safety or security concerns).
  • 2.While the aircraft is on the taxiway, we will endeavor to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin, provide care to passengers who require medical assistance, and allow access to lavatory facilities.
  • 3.Information on delays will be provided at least every 30 minutes until the delay is resolved, including the reason for the delay and possibility of disembarking from the aircraft.

SKYMARK endeavors to limit aircraft tarmac delays to 4 hours from entering the runway, and to allow passengers to leave the aircraft and return to the airport terminal if this time is exceeded. However, the following cases are excluded.

  • Where there are safety or security reasons not to do so, or when the captain decides the aircraft cannot leave the runway to allow passengers to disembark
  • Where air traffic control informs the captain that moving the aircraft to a disembarkation point to allow passengers to disembark would have a major impact on airport operations

This action plan for delays on departure from or arrival at U.S. airports was created by SKYMARK Airlines Inc. (SKY) as required by U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) rules and 14 CFR 259.4, and applies to all U.S. flights.