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Customer Service Plans

SKYMARK offers safe, secure, comfortable and familiar air travel, continually growing as an airline with broad connections between regions within Japan and between Japan and the world. We are always improving our customer service so we can offer you a simple, friendly, sincere and comfortable air travel service.

We offer the following customer service plan as our promise to our passengers.
This customer service plan was created by SKYMARK in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation rules, and applies to services on flights arriving in or departing from the U.S.

Please see here for our Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays at U.S. Airports.

Finding the Lowest Fare

Our website, the International Reservation Center, and international airport counter will help you quickly find the lowest fares in each fare type for the date and flight you want to travel in, along with relevant information about fare rules.

When reserving with the International Reservation Center or at an International airport counter, you will also be informed if a lower fare is available on the SKYMARK website.

Carriage of Checked Baggage

We do our best to return checked baggage to passengers soon after arrival. In rare cases when return of baggage is delayed, we will do our best to return the checked baggage within 24 hours.

If checked baggage is lost or damaged, we will pay compensation as set out under international law, including refunding excess baggage?fee or other fees.

Rapid Refunds

When a refund is requested for refundable tickets issued from our website, the International Reservation Center or an International airport counter, we will issue refunds rapidly for tickets unusable due to flight delays or cancellations, or for fees paid for services that cannot be used due to our circumstances. Refunds are processed depending on the payment method, as outlined below.

Payment by Credit Card

Refund requests to the credit card company will be processed within 7 business day after your request is submitted.

(*The refund to the passenger account is processed under the terms of the credit card company.)

Payment by Cash

Refunds will be processed within 20 business day after your request is submitted. Requests for refunds can be made at the International Reservation Center.

Please have the relevant information to hand when contacting us, such as name, address, reservation number, date of departure and point of departure. Please have this information ready and provide it when you contact us.

Waiving of Cancellation Fee for Cancellation Within 24 Hours of Ticketing for Routes to or from the U.S.

Passengers who request a refund for tickets issued from our website, the International Reservation Center or an International airport counter within 24 hours of ticketing will be refunded in full with no fees by the International Reservation Center.

Please note that refunds for reservations made within one week of the scheduled departure date are refunded under the normal fare rules. Please see "Fees" for refund fees under the rules for each fare.

Passengers Requiring Special Assistance or Support

We provide a range of services to allow all passengers to enjoy air travel. Support for passengers with physical disabilities is offered in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation rules. We also provide support under company rules for passengers who are pregnant or who are traveling with children, unaccompanied children, and other passengers who need assistance.
Some services require advance notice. Please let us know your special needs.

Please see "Passengers Requiring Special Assistance" for more details.


If a flight has more reservations than available seats due to load limits or limitations of the aircraft, passengers with confirmed tickets may be denied boarding or asked to board a different flight. For flights departing from the U.S., passengers will be treated and compensated equitably and consistently as provided for under U.S. Department of Transportation rules or company rules.
When a flight is overbooked, we may call for passengers who are willing to take a different flight, in accordance with U.S. Department of Transport and internal rules.
Please ask at the airport for details.

Cancellation Rules and Aircraft Information

The following information is available on our website, from the International Reservation Center or from International airport counters.

  • Cancellation rules for tickets
  • Aircraft information such as seating capacity and location of lavatories

Schedule Changes (Delays, Cancellations, Diversions)

We provide the latest operational information to our passengers in a timely fashion when there is a delay (30 minutes or more), cancellation or diversion.

  • Latest operational information from our website or the International Reservation Center
  • Latest operational information from signs at the boarding gate or International airport counter
  • Passengers who signed up for email updates on the SKYMARK website receive the latest operational information by email

Unexpected Changes (Delays, Cancellations, etc.)

In some cases, our flights may be subject to delays or cancellations for unavoidable reasons such as bad weather or airport congestion. In this case, we will provide accurate information and try to reduce inconvenience to passengers.

If SKYMARK is Responsible

We will provide accommodation, etc., of our choice.

If SKYMARK is Not Responsible (Bad Weather, etc.)

We cannot pay for accommodation, but will do our best to help passengers find rooms.

Feedback and Requests

We promptly acknowledge and respond to all customer feedback and requests.

In accordance with U.S. Department of Transportation regulations, we acknowledge written feedback within 30 days and reply within 60 days.