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For Customs Declaration
on Entry to Japan

Customs Declaration Form

All passengers must submit a Customs Declaration Form when entering Japan.
If you do not submit a Customs Declaration Form, you may have to wait while your baggage is inspected or you may not be permitted to bring your baggage into the country.

You can print out the Customs Declaration Form on the Customs Office website (A4 format) and use that.

Customs Inspection

For customs inspection, please fill in the Customs Declaration Form (one copy per family) and present it along with all passports. You may be asked questions about your destination and purpose of travel.

There are "Nothing to Declare (non-dutiable and non-prohibited goods)" and "To Declare (dutiable or prohibited goods)" lanes, so please proceed to the appropriate lane depending on the content of the declaration.

Content of declaration Lane to choose Present Customs Declaration Form
None "Nothing to Declare" (Green) lane Required*2
Over the tax free limit "To Declare" (Red) lane*1
  • *1 Please pay any tax imposed at the counter (bank) inside the customs inspection area.
  • *2 If you have unaccompanied baggage, please fill out a second Customs Declaration Form and present both at customs inspection. You will need the stamped Customs Declaration Form when picking up your unaccompanied baggage.