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Flights can be booked up to 1 day before departure. This is a discount fare that fluctuates according to the expected seat availability on each flight.

Features of "Tasutoku"

Reservation period Reservation changes Valid period Child discount Infant discount
1 day prior to departure
1 year Approx. 75% of fare Approx. 10% of fare
Reservation methods Website and International Reservation Center
Reservation period Accepted up to 1 day before the scheduled departure date
Payment due date Within 24 hours of completing your reservation
(Payment at time of reservation when reserved flight departs within 24 hours)
Reservation changes Permitted (limited to same fare type and same segment*)*1
Valid period Valid for 1 year from date of issue
Cancellation fee
(per person, per segment)
Before the scheduled departure time 30% of fare
After the scheduled departure time Non-refundable
Effective refundable period Within the valid period or no later than 30 days after the valid period of the ticket.
  • *Seat availability is limited depending upon flight. Please note that it may not be available depending on the flight.
  • *Passenger service facility charge, international tourist tax, fuel surcharge and inspection fee, etc., will be charged separately. Please see "Fees Required in Addition to Fares" for more details.
  • *1 Changing reservation of "Tasutoku" fare
    It is possible to change your reservation to a "Tasutoku" fare on your preferred flight. Seat limits apply.
    If there is a difference between your new fare and the original fare when changing the reservation, you will either receive a refund or be charged the difference.
    *Same origin and destination. Reverse route is not allowed.
    • (Example) From "Tokyo (Narita) → Saipan" to "Tokyo (Narita) → Saipan": OK
      From "Tokyo (Narita) → Saipan" to "Saipan → Tokyo (Narita)": Not OK