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Child Fares

The discount rate for children differs depending on the child's age and seat.
Please see here for assistance when flying with babies or small children.

Applicable Fares

Fare types Ages Companion (12 years old and above) Securing a seat
Infant fare 8 days after birth to 1 year old Required Not required
Normal child fare 2 to 11 years old 2 to 4 years old: Required
5 to 11 years old: Not required*

Each adult may accompany 1 infant (at least 8 days after birth and below 2 years old) who does not require a seat. Infants who require seats will cost the same amount as children. These types of cases cannot be handled online. Please contact our International Reservation Center. 1 adult cannot accompany 2 or more infants. Thank you for your understanding.

Discount Rates for Each Fare

Seating Normal fare Tasutoku Imatoku Saipan Special
Infant (8 days after birth to 1 year old) None Approx. 10% of adult fare Approx. 10% of adult fare
Available Approx. 75% of adult fare Same price as adult fare
Child (2 to 11 years old) Available
  • *Cancellation fees are based on each fare type.