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  2. Check-in
  3. Booking Flow

Booking Flow

Information about the process form reservation to boarding. Please read before boarding.

Booking Flow

The following guide shows the process from reservation to payment, check-in and departure.

Step 1: Reservation

    • Online reservation
    • International Reservation Center
      8:00 am - 8:30 pm (JST)
  • International airport counter
    Only available during business hours

Step 2: Payment

Payment methods
  • Credit card
    VISA, MasterCard
  • International airport counter
    • Cash
    • Credit card
Deadline *1
  • Until the day of departure
    (Payments are accepted at the International Reservation Center during business hours)

  • Until the day of departure

Step 3: Check-in


Please check in at our international check-in counter at least 60 minutes prior to departure.
Once check-in is complete, your boarding pass will be issued.

Items required for check-in:
  • Passport
  • Visa required to enter destination country
  • Reservation number
  • Itinerary/Receipt

Step 4: Security Inspection Area

You must undergo a security inspection to ensure the safe operation of your flight.
If you are concerned about the impact of metal detectors and X-ray machines on your body or baggage, please let us know in advance. Please head to the boarding gate with plenty of time to spare.

Step 5: Departure Inspection

You will be asked to show your passport and boarding pass at your departure inspection. Depending on the country and your nationality, you may be required to show an Embarkation and Disembarkation Card for Re-entrants (ED card).
You can access duty-free stores once you have passed the departure inspection.

Step 6: Boarding and Departure

Please arrive at the boarding gate 30 minutes prior to departure.

  • *1Validity period of reservations and payments due may vary depending on fare types. Please confirm before you make a reservation.

Information for Connecting Flights

When making a connection, your connection must be longer than the minimum connecting time of the each airport. If you are making a connection, please check this before booking.

Passengers making connections between domestic and international SKYMARK flights must check in at the international airport counter.

The following times are suggested as guidelines when reserving connecting flights.

Connections Connection point Connection time (estimate)
SKY domestic flight → SKY international flight Narita Airport At least 100 minutes
Haneda Airport → Narita Airport At least 180 minutes*
SKY international flight → SKY domestic flight Narita Airport At least 75 minutes
Narita Airport → Haneda Airport At least 180 minutes*
  • *Includes time required for transfer via transportation.

Time Required for Connections with Flights from Other Airlines

Transit times may vary depending on airports and airlines. Please ensure that you choose flights with enough time to make your connection.

Checked Baggage

After picking up your checked baggage, please check it in again at the international airport counter (or the domestic baggage counter).

  • The baggage rules are vary between domestic and international flights. The handling of baggage is based on the Conditions of Carriage for each segment.
  • If you are transferring from a domestic flight to an international flight, or from an international flight to a domestic flight, please note that “Baggage Through Check-in” service is not available, you will have to pick up your baggage and recheck it at connecting airport.