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Changes / Cancellations

Reservation changes and cancellations can be made via the internet, the International Reservations Center or at an international airport counter.

Changes / Cancellations

  • Changes and cancellations to a reservation can be made online up to 3 hours before the flight departure.
    When there are less than 3 hours before departure, we accept changes or cancellations to a reservation at our International Reservation Center or at an international airport counter.
    Reservations cannot be changed depending on your fare. Please check the list of Various Fares.
  • For reservations that can be changed, any differences in the fare price after changing flights will either be charged or refunded depending on the difference in the fare price.
  • Reservations that include flights canceled due to bad weather can be canceled or changed without cancellation or change fees.

Transferring and Changing the Name on the Air Ticket

The name on the ticket cannot be changed.
Tickets cannot be transferred to a third party.
To change the passenger, please cancel the existing ticket and purchase a new ticket.

Correction of Passport Information

Passport information (nationality, passport number, country of issue and expiration date) can be corrected online. The name on the passport cannot be corrected, so please make sure to provide a correct name when making the reservation.