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Information regarding the fees for issue of tickets and cancellation of reservations.

Ticketing Fees

A ticketing fee per passenger of JPY 1,000 (USD 10) one-way applies for ticketing at the International Reservations Center or international international international international international airport counter for new reservations only.

  • *No ticketing fee applies for ticketing or changes online.

Cancellation Fees

The cancellation fees below apply per passenger, per segment.

Fare Before the scheduled departure time After the scheduled departure time
Normal fare Free of cancellation fee 10% of fare
Tasutoku 30% of fare Non-refundable
Imatoku 50% of fare Non-refundable
Saipan Special Non-refundable
  • *Refund requests submitted after the valid refund period will not be accepted.

Effective Refundable Period

Within the valid period or no later than 30 days after the valid period of the ticket.

  • *The valid period of the ticket depends on the type of ticket. For more details, please click here.