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Checking in Valuables

Special restrictions that apply to checking in valuables.

Checking in Valuables

Please carry valuables with you onto the aircraft.

  • Valuables such as cash, jewelry, securities, works of art and antiques, and fragile articles such as personal computers, watches, cameras and glass, should not be carried in your checked baggage. These items should be carried on board and kept secure by the passenger. We are not liable in the event of damage such as breakage or loss of such items.
  • If the value of your baggage exceeds the limitation of liability, you can declare the value by paying an excess value charge. On receipt of an excess value charge consisting of an excess value of USD 100 or a fraction thereof in units of USD 0.50, we will increase limitation of liability to the declared amount. (Upper limit USD 2,500) The amount of compensation can never exceed the actual price of the damaged article. Please note that this system applies only when our company is liable and is not an insurance policy.

    Limitation of liability

    • (1)Where the Montreal Convention applies, the limit is SDR 1,131 per passenger.
    • (2)Where the Montreal Convention does not apply, the limit is SDR 17 (250 French Gold Francs) per kilo for checked baggage and SDR 332 (5,000 French Gold Francs) per person for carry-on baggage.
  • Although adequate precautions are taken with handling, Skymark Airlines is not liable for defects caused by baggage itself, normal wear and tear, loss of protruding parts such as detachable straps, handles and name tags, and minor damage such as cuts, scuffs, dents and dirt. Thank you for your understanding.
  • A separate seat must be purchased for fragile baggage (such as musical instruments) or precision instruments carried onto the aircraft. The baggage must be packaged, and the passenger is responsible for keeping it secure. For more details, please contact the International Reservations Center.