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Passengers Sitting in the Emergency Exit Row Seats

Passengers Sitting in the Emergency Exit Row Seats

In accordance with passenger safety directives issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, only passengers who satisfy all conditions listed below can be seated in emergency exit row seats.
All passengers seated in emergency exit row seats must confirm they meet the following conditions. Thank you for your cooperation.


  • 1.Age of 15 or above

  • 2.Those who are capable to perform the tasks for emergency evacuation

  • 3.Those who understand the instructions of crew members and who can give oral commands to others

  • 4.Those who do not require any assistance for emergency evacuation

  • 5.Free from any responsibilities such as caring for infant, child, elderly and disabled passenger, etc.

  • 6.Those who understand Japanese or English


Baggage cannot be placed at your feet or on your lap in the emergency exit row seats.
Baggage can block the exit in case of emergency evacuation, so all baggage must be stored in the overhead lockers.


  • 1.Keep other passengers away from the emergency exit door until the crew members securely open it.

  • 2.Follow the crew members’ instructions and open the emergency exit door after confirming the safety outside the aircraft.

    [A] Front or rear emergency exit

    [B] Over-wing emergency exit

  • 3.Assist other passengers after evacuating from the aircraft.

  • 4.Direct other passengers to move away from the aircraft immediately.

  • 5.Others. (Crew members will instruct other tasks when they are necessary.)