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Baggage requiring special care

Law prohibits "Bringing dangerous articles on board or checking in those articles as checked baggage" and the use of electronic devices in the aircraft. Any violations of these may be subject to a fine of up to JPY500,000-.

Articles prohibited from being brought on board or checked in as checked baggage

  • Explosives, fireworks, balloons containing helium gas, flammable or combustible articles (including gas oil for lighters, camping gas canisters, etc), corrosives, other articles that could be either disruptive or dangerous to the aircraft, passengers, or on-board installations. (However, in principle, sporting or household aerosols, such as ski wax, etc. are allowed to be checked in. Either one cigarette lighter or book of safety matches can be brought on board).
  • Unsterilized sweet potatoes, leafy vegetables, morning glories, etc, obtained in Okinawa or the Amami islands, and unchecked seedlings or grafts of citrus obtained in Okinawa.

Articles prohibited to be brought on board

  • Articles that could be used as a weapon, such as scissors, machine tools, ice skates, bats, golf clubs (woods, irons, or putters are not permitted, regardless of the number) etc.
  • It is prohibited to bring on board any kind of knife. Knives should be kept in your checked baggage.

Examples of Dangerous Goods by Air Transportation - MLIT

About the handling of the Restricted Items

If you carry scissors, knives, tools, or other restricted items, you should include them in your checked baggage, and please entrust it with the baggage counter or please abandon it to forbidden item box at security checkpoint. We ask for customers' ongoing understanding and cooperation. And some of the articles (prohibited items for carriage) may not be allowed to carry even in the checked baggage is a violation of Japan's Aviation Law. We ask for customers' ongoing understanding and cooperation.

Please also be aware that 500yen/piece will be charged for disposal of the restricted and prohibited items which cannot be put into the disposal box or for temporary keeping (storage period: 1 week).

Restricted electronic devices

For the restricted electronic devices on aircrafts, please check here.

Smart luggage policy

Please note that due to safety considerations, “smart luggage” (bags and suitcases with a built-in battery-using device, such as those with a feature for charging electronic devices) with a non-removable battery will be handled as follows.

  • If the lithium battery (excluding button cells) cannot be removed, the luggage cannot be checked in or carried on.
  • Smart luggage with a removable lithium battery can be checked in or carried onto the aircraft.
    Please remove the lithium battery (excluding button cells) during check-in, and carry the removed lithium battery (excluding button cells) onto the aircraft.
  • *Please check the size and weight of carry-on luggage when carrying it onto the aircraft.
  • *Lithium battery refers collectively to lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries.